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Our goal is to help people in Milwaukee get the most for their stuff.

Milwaukee Listing Service started in Kansas City in 2005.

Milwaukee WI eBay Consignment started out of the owners basement because Garry, the owner, moved and had lots of extra stuff that was no longer needed. He then started to realize that many of his friends and neighbors had the same problem & started Kansas City Listing Service. In 2007, many eBay drop-off stores opened in the area & in 2008 they closed down due to the high commissions they had to charge to pay their rent. All the clients that went to these drop-off locations ended up calling Garry for help selling their items on eBay.

Eventually, demand was high enough that Garry hired and trained people around different parts of the city, in order to diversify where people could drop off their items to be sold.

In mid 2010, Garry and his wife re-located to the Seattle area, and started up the service nationally. He now helps people all over the US & in 2011 he partnered with the best Milwaukee eBay Trading Assistants to have local support.

We would be glad to help you sell your items on eBay.

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